I can give you the best ideas in person; however these are some basic home renovation tips that can be used for any property.

Sometimes superficial renovations are all that are needed to sell your house (ever see an episode of “Sell this House”?) When you are about to put your house up for sale do not get into any major renovations as this is messy and time consuming.

Fresh paint to spruce up walls and ceilings can be one of the best uses of your renovation dollars with an average potential payback of over 70%. A new paint job leaves an overall good impression as long as you stick with neutral colours. It is one of the easiest do-it-yourself renovations that can save you money and get you a better price. Again be sure to stick with neutral colours if you plan to paint your home as these are much more appealing to the majority of prospective buyers. And make sure the job looks professional; no paint on the trim or ceiling!

In the kitchen, if you don’t want to put forth the money to completely remodel it, there are plenty of quick fixes that will increase the overall appeal of the room. As the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to buyers, you will want it as attractive as possible on a budget. Update the lighting, replace cabinet doorknobs, and look at painting the cabinets a stylish yet neutral colour, and/or install new countertops. The payback won’t be as high as remodeling (remodeling will probably get you a 72% return according to professional appraisers) but it might just make it appealing enough to make that sale.

The bathrooms are also important. You can also update the light fixtures and the faucets/taps, but keep them neutral. Install an updated mirror, medicine cabinet, or vanity. Consider a complete remodel if you have a dated sink, toilet and tub (ex: the pink or green porcelain ones).

Flooring upgrades add value, however not everyone has the same tastes in flooring and many prefer hardwood to carpet and vice versa. Don’t spend a lot of money, but if you can update some of the main rooms it will be more appealing to potential buyers. If you already have wood floors and they need some TLC, try to refinish them as that will bring them new life.

When it comes to the basement, professional appraisers have a wide range of opinions on cost recovery for a basement overhauls. If it is completely undeveloped, leave it as a blank slate as each potential buyer will come in with their own ideas of what that space would do for them.

With the exterior, experts recommend that you keep your paint colour in line with the neighbours. The first impression someone gets is the outside of your house, however they will spend more time inside so your return on investment is better spent indoors. If you have loose paint, do some scraping and spot paint.

The backyard is also an easy fix. You can purchase some bark chips, shrubs and some landscaping fabric to stop weeds and plan it out along fences or along the back of the house and you have a more appealing yard that is ‘nicely landscaped’ according to the potential buyers.

If your house is dated in every aspect and you don’t want to spend any money on updating it, leave it as is as there may be a buyer who wants to fix and flip and they will take this opportunity to revamp the whole house.

These are just a few tips that you can follow to increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers. As mentioned above, I can provide more in-depth information and tips on renovations for your home in person. If you are looking to sell your home in Victoria or the surrounding area be sure to contact me and I will be able to provide you more tips and ensure as a seller you get top dollar for your property.