Once you decide to sell your property and we determine an appropriate list price I will be able to provide you with an approximate net proceeds number to allow you to figure out what your net gain will be on the sale.

The gross price is before commission plus taxes are taken off. Everyone always wants to know about commissions and what they involve. Different real estate agents use a different commission structures, but remember, you get what you pay for and marketing your property is important so make sure you ask about how your Victoria real estate agent plans to market your home. The other really important thing is how they plan to pay the buyer’s agent. You want to be sure the buyer’s agent is getting a similar offering as other properties so that they do not find something “wrong” with your home and try to dissuade buyers from purchasing it because they are getting paid less.

You will also have some legal fees to pay, but it is less than when you purchase a home which is great and saves you a bit of money.

Other fees you may encounter are:

  • Possible pay-out penalty if you pay off your mortgage early
  • Preparing your home costs (if you want to hire cleaners)
  • Renovations and repairs
  • Moving expenses
  • Service and utility hook-up fees at your new location

If you have additional questions about the costs associated with selling a home in the Victoria and area real estate market feel free to contact me anytime. If you are currently not working with a Vancouver Island REALTOR ® and want to sell your home I would be happy to provide you a free home evaluation and work with you in selling your home.