Marketing. This is just one of the benefits of using a REALTOR® to give your property more exposure than you could ever get on your own. We utilize the internet through our own personal websites as well as MLS. My website has been designed to be optimized for search engines when people are looking for homes on Vancouver Island. When I add your home to my website I ensure that it gets the maximum exposure on search engines as possible. Most agents also use other forms of marketing so make sure you check what is being used in each current market.

Networking is essential with real estate agents. We have a great networking group who help promote listings even before they hit the market sometimes. We all have clients or contacts that are considering buying but are waiting for that one perfect home to hit the market. Having access to this network is valuable to get exposure to a whole new group of potential buyers.

Pricing is critical. The general public knows what a home is listed for, but it is harder to know what a house actually sells for. You may be leaving money on the table by not using a professional. Sure you save in not having to pay commissions, but the hassle and the possibility of not getting the most you can for your home in the current market should balance out and make using a Century 21 agent in Victoria like myself is a no brainer.

Safety should be a key consideration. Your largest investment should be protected and you don’t want to have anyone entering your home who should not be. We screen potential buyers.

There are many more reasons to not go it alone and if we sit down together I can go through these with you.